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Do you struggle with?

  • Feeling shame around talking to your kids about sexual matters

  • Knowing how to answer their questions

  • Figuring out how much to share at each age

  • Wanting to prepare them for puberty and adulthood but not being clear about how


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We are here to support you through this vital process with the info yo need to get this right, and in keeping with your values. We will walk you through scenarios and scripts so you can navigate these conversations like a pro.
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Q:  I’m confused about the pricing: Does my payment cover the whole course, or do I get billed more as more lessons come out?

A: It is a one-time payment. The price you pay covers the entire course- no further billing. 

Q: How can I access just the free sample content without committing to pay?

A: If you created an account, you then enroll in the course, and just click on the free sample lessons. Only enter your credit card info once you are ready to purchase. You will be able to see a few lessons before paying, to see if it’s right for you. 

Q: Is the course live lessons? Interactive? Might I fall behind if I miss one?

A: Nope. Everything is pre-recorded videos and text, to be viewed and read at your own convenience and pace.

Q: For how long will the course content be available? Does it expire?

A: As of now, there is no expiration date or plans for one. The hope is that this course will be accessible for a long time, so there is not major rush. (We didn’t say “lifetime access” just because we can’t make guarantees about unforeseeable issues that may arise, either technically or with the content itself, but as of now, the plan is to leave it available for you indefinitely.)

Q: If I don’t have kids, or my child is a baby, is there any point in my taking this course?

A: The format of the material presented is definitely geared towards parents. But some people with no kids or very young ones find that this is either good preparation for the future, and/or a good way to re-educate their own “inner child” – a healing opportunity to relearn sexual information as an adult, the way it would have been nice to learn it earlier. It can actually be therapeutic for people who struggled with their own sexual development or experiences. If you’re not sure, you can try the sample lessons and see whether they resonate for you in this way. 

Q: Are there any coupon codes or discounts? 

A: At this time, the course is being offered at an introductory rate, so no coupons right now. Once the price goes up, we may run occasional sales or discounts, but it won’t be lower than this, so now is definitely the best time to purchase from a financial perspective. 

Q: What if I have questions that I want to ask on the lessons? 

A: You are welcome to email any questions or comments. Some of them will be answered in the course of later lessons, but if they aren’t, Elisheva will either try to respond to you directly, or more likely, incorporate them into the Q & A module at the end. 

Q: Does the course address LGBTQ sexuality?

A: Yes. While religious families have varying beliefs and opinions about contemporary sexual and gender identity phenomena, we believe it is important to have a basic vocabulary and conceptual familiarity with socio-political issues, as well as the fact that these feelings and lifestyles exist. We made efforts to keep the content as religiously respectful and apolitical as possible, while still conveying clinically correct information, to be adapted by parents to fit their more specific values and families’ needs. 

Q: Is this course only for Jewish families? And if so, what style Jewish perspective?

A: Elisheva’s background and personal affiliation are Orthodox Jewish, and so that is her starting point, and strongest frame of reference. But the course was researched and designed to be useful and relevant for anyone who wants to incorporate general religious values of most kinds, into this education.

Q: I am only seeing like two modules – how do I access the rest of the course?

A: The course is currently offered on what is called a “drip schedule.” That means, that the lessons are released slowly over time- about one lesson a week. So, if you only enrolled in the free lessons, you will only see a couple of lessons. But if you paid for the whole course, you will, at this point, be able to see all the lessons released so far, and have access to all the newer lessons as soon as they come out. 

Please feel free to email with any further questions!

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